Our story....

 My mothers original Eva Frasers book and DVD from 2007.


Why I started JawTone....By Kris (Founder, London UK)

The JawTone story started way back 25 years ago. I would watch my mother pulling faces in the mirror and over pronouncing A,E,I,O,U. To be honest, at first I thought she was going crazy. Fast forward 25years, I realise I was the crazy one!

My conversion

 One day many years later, I caught a glance of my chin in the reflection of a shop window, and I decided I needed to give some of the techniques a go. To my surprise, they worked and I could feel and see the difference. It wasn't until going to university that I became obsessed with body building. I always wondered why there was no Jaw or Facial fitness workout equipment when there are over 56 muscles in the face and neck, that could be trained. We tend to exercise, tone and build every other part of our body, but neglect our most noticed asset, our FACE! 

Fast forward...

After getting married, having kids and gaining one too many pounds (weight) and no longer going to the gym I decided enough was enough and made it my goal to lose the weight. However after losing 26lbs, my face still remained puffy. I spent 3 years researching and trying every one of the limited tools out there to improve my facial look.

The last straw

I tried the Jawzrsizer, (a ball you chew) to exercise your facial muscles, but was not keen on this product at all. Saliva would remain on the product which I found very unhygienic. I also felt it wasn't hitting the correct facial muscles and maybe was even pushing out the front teeth (that's the last thing I wanted!).

 The solution

I knew that the solution would have had to be something that was natural to use, something that provided resistance to the facial muscles. Working with teams in 3 countries, JawTone was born.

Forward to the present...

It has become widely accepted that face, jaw shape and hence attractiveness can be improved. 

Also, facial yoga has been widely adopted and many YouTube videos receive millions upon millions of views. They explain that such facial exercise can also tighten skin under the neck, and most importantly provide anti-ageing benefits.  Eva Fraser, the QUEEN of facial yoga, who sadly past away at the age of ninety, formulated a system of highly effective facial exercises which have been refined over 3 decades.

With our hard gum development, we have produced a form of resistance that can be combined with certain face yoga exercises. We also highly encourage it to be used as resistance between the tongue and the pallet while mewing. We at JawTone also advocate for nasal breathing at all times giving a multiple pronged form of improvement to the face, jaw, neck and chin like no other.

It is one of the biggest MYTHS that we can not improve our facial appearance.

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Quotes from my mothers original Eva Frasers book and DVD from 2007.

A quote from the introduction of the book, " I am convinced that the only way to keep in shape is through exercise. Most of us know this already, however I wonder how many of us are aware this also applies to the face?"

"Facial muscles can also be worked in a structured way and this can take years of ones appearance."