Training Guide

How To train with JawTone™ Facial Fitness products. Please note your products will also come with a guide.

The good news is, you have now taken a step forward in improving your facial structure and look.


Jaw and Facial Fitness hard gum

Stage 1 Training

This stage is recommended for the first month. If you are new to facial and jawline fitness, this will help to build facial fitness as a habit.

Pro tip: Keep a piece of JawTone gum close to you at all times, so when its time to watch your favourite series on Netflix, just pop it in your mouth and Netflix and chew. That's all it takes to improve your facial structure!

Please note, If you are one of those lucky ones to live in a warmer climate,  please ensure to store our product in a cool dry place.

Now lets get CHEWING

Chew one piece of facial fitness gum for 15mins-30mins. Chew an equal amount on each side of the Jaw. For example, chew 20 times on one side than swap the gum to the other side of the mouth. We recommend that you breathe out of your nose while chewing and there is science to support nasal breathing at all times. 



Chew with your back  molar teeth. You can  also chew with the front  Incisor teeth. For example, 20 repetitions on the left molars,20 on the right and 20 on the incisors. Please aim to keep your top and bottom teeth inline when you bite



Our smart gum will soften if its time to take a break. In this case, stop chewing altogether for 1-2 minutes. During this time, the gum will harden and once this rest period is over, you're good to go again. This rest period is to be separate from the 15-30 minutes over all daily training.  

Stage 2 Training

 As your Jaw gets stronger, we recommend to use 2 pieces of gum and train every other day, say 3-4 times per week. You would place one piece of gum at the back of the jaw on both the left and right side. Then chew for approximately 15 minutes. If the gums where to join, just break them back into 2 and continue. This is to make sure that the Jaw is in optimal alignment.  As with all training, 15 minutes of chewing does not need to be continuous, as it's advised to rest in between.

Of course, if you prefer, you can just continue with stage one, so long as you feel comfortable and are happy with your progress. 

 As with all exercise, If you feel any pain, please stop immediately. If pain continues or you have any previously existing jaw conditions, we recommend you seek medical advice before using any JawTone products.

Trust the process, you will start seeing and feeling results in just 4 weeks.