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JawTone™ Jawline & TotalFACE Exerciser INTERMEDIATE 40LBS - CHIN NECK CHEEKS JAW toning

JawTone™ Jawline & TotalFACE Exerciser INTERMEDIATE 40LBS - CHIN NECK CHEEKS JAW toning

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JawTone™ TotalFACE trainer - ground breaking facial muscle technology


  • Experience a confidence resurgence with just 10 minutes of daily commitment! Our comprehensive solution is designed to sculpt, tone, strengthen and tighten your facial and neck muscles effortlessly
  • Designed to target, with different resistance levels the complete range of your bite's motion. 


Your JawTone™ TotalFACE trainer offers a dynamic workout that results in a stronger, leaner appearance. With its innovative design providing two work out levels Intermediate 40 pounds of resistance, and advanced 60 pounds of resistance. This cutting-edge tool effectively chisels and sculpts your jawline, allowing you to achieve your most stunning look yet!"


Crafted from premium food-grade materials, this jaw exerciser ensures both comfort and safety. It is built to be reusable, durable, and promotes optimal health, being free from BPA and non-toxic.

JawTone™ TotalFACE trainer VS Jawzrsize 

JawTone™ TotalFACE trainer uses all the lastest technology and design to focuses on 40+ muscles in the Jaw Face Neck and Chin.  Jawzrsize primarily focuses on the muscles of the jaw. However the motion of the bite is not as effective as if in the front of the Jaw rather than directly inline with the masseter muscles. So while it can to some extent help tone and strengthen this specific area, it may not provide comprehensive exercise for other facial muscles .

JawTone™ TotalFACE trainer has varying resistance in a more natural even biting down motion. The Jawrsize is designed to be used in the front of the mouth casing uneven Muscle Development. This could potentially lead to an imbalanced or asymmetrical appearance of the jawline and face in whole.
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